BERLIN-CHEMIE in Azerbaycan

BerlinChemie/AG Menarini Company has been established since 20 th November 1998 and obtained the successful achievements during its 13th year activity on the pharmaceutical market of Azerbaijan. Therefore, the way to the present success of the company was difficult: at the beginning of our activity the number of employees at the representation of the company composed less than 10 persons. But today there are the group of 40 professional managers and medical representatives works at the Representation of the Company. The high professionalism of the employees is the basic of the successful development and the most valuable rate of our work. The company guided with the policy to develop the staff professionalism and selection of the experienced personnel, always the stresses that, the human factor in the society is the most important. We contemplate the main potential of the future success in the each individual person working in the Company and consider that the indispensable guarantee of the future progress is in the improvement of personnel’s theoretical and practical know ledges. Let us remind, that the fundament of the each prosperous Company is conditioned by creative and forestalling the time staff. First of all, the main purpose of the staff of our Company was to introduce to the society the development of the state health care systems, economic situation in the Country, as well as the regulation of the activity of our Representation in the network fixed by the state legislation.
The company's strong performance and high-qualified personnel coming together, as a result "Berlin-Chemie" / AG, Menarini's products managed to cover almost 80% of the territory of our Country. Activity of the Company has significantly increased during the last 4 years. This period of Berlin-Chemie/Menarini AG Azerbaijan Representation can be characterized as a stage of the dynamic recovery.
The high-quality products of "Berlin-Chemie" / Menarini AG' and promotion abilities of our staff allowed us the achieve the penetration of our products “Siofor” and ”Infesol” ” into the state tender list of Azerbaijan, and the drugs “Berlipril”, “Nebilet” and “L-Tiroxin” obtained an important place in the endocrinological and cardiologic(al) National Guidelines.
Staff solidarity, high team spirit, and unceasing ambition to develop abreast with the growing temp of Azerbaijan developing and be in the top five of pharmaceutical companies of the country created an opportunity for us to reach this a high top.

We are trying for the LIFE we highly rate.


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